Please Make Checks Out To:

    Saddleback Church - Note on check: PA46

    SEND TO:

        Saddleback Church

        Account: PA46

        1 Parkway, Lake Forest,

        California, 92630

USA Marketing/Sponsorships:

    Tim Hanst

    2444 Fender Ave., Suite B

     Fullerton, CA 92831


Once we receive your SPONSORSHIP, we will email you

a photo and information about the "Young Person" you're Sponsoring.

Thank You For Making A Difference In The Lives Of These Young People ...

Currently We Have 50

NEW Students That Need A Sponsor For Their Tuition.

Tell me the ways I can help The Nehemiah Training Center (& Nehemiah's Best Coffee)

train Young People in Rwanda for A BETTER FUTURE.




--- "Support-A-Student" OR "Foundation Sponsor"---

Unfortunately, to provide the Youth

in Rwanda a meaningful program that will make a difference in their lives, it

costs more than they have. Between

teachers, the facility and materials it

costs $50 (USA) per student. Which they

simply don't have. Can you Help?



Thank you very much for supporting The Nehemiah Training Center and the Young People who have made a commitment to go through our program. Here are TWO ways you can "Support The Vision" ...

1. SUPPORT-A-STUDENT: Your sponsorship of $50 (1 person) or $250 (5 people) or $500 (10 people) or more is really appreciated. Once we receive your support, we will send you information about the student(s) you are sponsoring. Please send your check to: Saddleback Church, 1 Saddleback Parkway, Lake Forest, CA 92630. On the check write PA46.

2. FOUNDATION SPONSOR: To run a program like this requires money to run the facility, buy supplies and secure quality educators. To become a Foundation Sponsor, we are looking for a donations of anywhere from $500 to $10,000 or more. If you would like to discuss a larger sponsorship, please give us a call. Please send your check to: Saddleback Church, 1 Saddleback Parkway, Lake Forest, CA 92630. On the check write PA46 in the comment section.